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Australian Tax system is complex and at times, it is difficult to understand it and work effectively within it.

When handling the Australian tax system, you can do with any and all the assistance from a trusted tax accountant in Sydney you can possibly get, so that your business’s taxes are efficiently maintained and filed. The tax system in Australia has become complex and all taxpayers are looking for timely and cost effective solution. DSV Partners offers clear, concise advice and tax services to manage your tax risk and develop strategies for tax planning.
DSV Partners’ team of dedicated tax accountants in Sydney can find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Tax Compliance

Australian tax system today is more complex than ever before, and it might be difficult for you to keep track of all your obligations. Once you partner with an experienced tax agent in Sydney like us, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Our team will make sure that all your lodgement obligations are filed on a timely basis.
Towards this process, we can help you prepare your tax return, business activity statements, fringe benefit tax return, extended lodgement and much more.

Tax Planning

By developing an effective tax plan for you, we intend to legally minimize your taxes for the current year and in the future. This is a legitimate, legal process that will improve your tax liability situation, so that you can enhance your business’s profits.
Towards this end, our team will help you develop the right business structure, and assess your business risks. Combined with our financial audit and accounting service, we are geared towards helping you reach your financial goals.
No matter what kind of business you run, you are entitled to tax deductions. Our lodgement services team is here to make sure that you getall the deductions you are entitled to.

Our tax services includes:

  • Reviewing existing business structure for efficiency.
  • Establishing a new structure, if the existing structure has outgrown your personal needs.
  • Restructuring existing business and tax structure
  • Filling of business, SMSF or personal income tax returns
  • FBT returns
  • Dealing with ATO on your behalf